Xavier Love

Mr. Love specializes in business enterprise valuations, purchase price allocations (ASC 805 and IFRS 3), impairment analyses (ASC 350 and IAS 36), intellectual property valuations,…

Molly Shepard

Ms. Shepard specializes in valuations of businesses and intangible assets for a variety of purposes, including fair value measurement, allocation of purchase price, impairment testing,…

Sean Poynton

Mr. Poynton specializes in business enterprise valuations, purchase price allocations (ASC 805), impairment analyses (ASC 350), intellectual property valuations, contingent consideration valuations, and the valuation…

Tyler Stone

Tyler Stone specializes in equity valuations for financial and tax reporting purposes, including for securities issued as incentive compensation (IRC 409A and ASC 718), impairment…

Elvis Lima

Mr. Lima specializes in machinery and equipment and property valuation. He has been providing domestic and international clients (private and public sector) valuations for allocation…

Valuation and Deal Outlook

In the year ahead, we expect dealmakers will not keep M&A on the sidelines as they continue shaping transformative deals, long-term success, and positioning to thrive in a rapidly changing, competitive market space.

Goodwill: What’s Really Happening & What Comes Next

In this webinar, a panel of leading minds from VRC, Calcbench, CFA Institute, and Financial Reporting Advisors discuss why and how goodwill matters.

Do Impairment Indicators Exist?

In analyzing four factors that will likely incur increased audit scrutiny, do patterns emerge that can indicate impairment?

Mid-Year Deals Update: From a Boil to a Steady Simmer

Heading into the second half of 2022, market participants look to transact before tax code changes, buyers & sellers consider impacts from many exogenous factors.

Joe Lee

Mr. Lee specializes in business enterprise valuations, purchase price allocations, and impairment analyses for financial reporting and tax purposes. Prior to VRC, Mr. Lee held…