Attorneys frequently call business valuation professionals to consult and/or to develop and provide direct, expert witness testimony to support a wide range of financial and quantitative matters. Our experience in valuation, related financial consulting and litigation support engagements gives us a broad perspective and the credibility needed in formulating opinions and advising counsel. We are familiar with the process and the terminology used in all phases of the dispute resolution process, both in and out of court.

VRC provides support for your dispute, mediation or litigation, whether it arises from marital dissolution, shareholder dispute or business damages. Our professionals testify before state and circuit courts, as well as the U.S. Bankruptcy Court regarding real estate, personal property and financial valuation matters, such as going concern values, corporate equity values, solvency, intangible asset values and valuation methodology.

Valuation is our core competency and core focus.

VRC’s deep level of expertise allows our professionals to understand the nuances of valuation analysis in a dispute environment. Whether the issue is the complexity of a start-up business, the distinction of a particular, statutory definition of value, or the impact of a multi-tiered capital structure, VRC’s highly accredited professionals offer the experience to assist your needs.

  • Business Damages

    Whether your loss is a temporary disruption in business or a full loss, our team is versed in determining the extent of damages as it pertains to the value of your business. Further, we offer objective, supported analysis and are flexible in the structure of our engagements. Our focused valuation professionals bring a depth of experience, independent objectivity and clear perspective to any analysis.

    Business Damages
  • Business Dissolution & Shareholder Dispute

    VRC’s valuation experience across many industries provides our team with the business understanding needed to determine the value of a business for dissolving a partnership/corporation, shareholder buyouts, and dissenting shareholder actions. We offer consulting services as well as testifying experts to suit your needs.

    Business Dissolution & Shareholder Dispute
  • Marital/Partnership Dissolution

    To provide for the division of property in connection with a marital divorce or a shareholder/partnership dissolution, it is often necessary to determine the value of various kinds of property owned by one or the other party, or by the two of them together. A valuation of the business or business interests owned by one party usually will be required in determining the price that the party acquiring full title is to pay to the other.

    We offer experience valuing the following in connection with marital or partnership dissolution:

    Marital/Partnership Dissolution