Tangible asset valuations of real and personal property can help minimize taxes while maximizing valuation. VRC can help with a range of tangible asset valuation in both real property (land, building, leases) and personal property (machinery, equipment, computers, furniture and fixtures, leasehold improvements, etc.). The valuation of real and personal property is important in many business situations, including:

When a company wishes to use fixed assets as collateral, VRC can supply valuations of real estate and machinery and equipment, either for the would-be borrower or for a prospective lender. We generate authoritative estimates of the price property might bring if liquidated, under any various hypotheses, or of the amount that might be realized after full market exposure.

For companies involved in leasing transactions and sale-leasebacks, we conduct equipment valuations, real estate valuations and lifing studies.

Manufacturing Industry Valuations & Advisory Services

Machinery & Equipment

Machinery, equipment and other personal property are tangible assets that will affect a company’s valuation. Our personal property specialists can value standard or special-purpose equipment on any of various premises and produce opinions of both current and residual value. In addition to valuations, we can supply opinions of useful life or economic life for assets in lease transactions.

Real Estate

The value of real property, such as real estate, land, buildings and leases, will influence the overall value of a business. Our experts can generate authoritative estimates of the price property may bring if liquidated or amount realized after full market exposure.

  • We value a range of multi-location properties including restaurants, retail facilities, industrial facilities and special purpose entities
  • Our experience includes valuations of a multitude of franchise sizes – from one unit to hundreds of units
  • VRC has the in-house capabilities to value the enterprise and all real estate (both owned and leased), fixed assets, and intangible assets on a national and international basis.

VRC’s senior professional staff on the real estate and M&E valuation teams is comprised of individuals ranging from ten to forty plus years of industry experience. We have completed thousands of engagements ranging from single location engagements to engagements of multi-thousand plus properties, including individual assignments exceeding $10 billion in value.

Tangible Asset Valuations for Global Companies

When it comes to tangible asset valuation needs, many companies need a partner with support in on-site, international locations. As the founding member of Valuation Research Group (VRG), VRC offers deep knowledge and experience in valuations and value-related services for tangible assets of all types – real estate, land, machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, aircraft, watercraft, parts, raw materials and end products, farms, buildings, construction, and much more.

Whether in support of our valuation of the Panama Canal or supplying fixed asset valuations of factories in China, our international reach allows us to provide our multinational clients with a single source for expert, independent valuation support.

VRG’s 50+ offices are located throughout continental Europe and the United Kingdom, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Greater China, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. This global network of nearly 1,500 professionals serves clients in more than 60 countries and provides:

  • Local market knowledge
  • In-country tax expertise
  • Cost-effective real property and fixed asset valuations