Preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) is an onerous process and a “health check” of sorts for a company. Multinational companies need to ensure they comply with federal, state, and local tax regulations.

When planning for an IPO, a company is well-advised to enlist the help of experienced IPO advisors, including valuation experts.

Valuations are required at various stages in the IPO process, typically in the pre-filing stage. Managing valuation considerations carefully can minimize the time, effort, and costs of the IPO filing process.

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IPO Readiness: Valuation Issues Related to Taking a Company Public

Valuation considerations must be managed carefully to minimize the time, effort, and costs of the IPO filing process.

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Ready. Set. IP-whoa.

Valuations are a requirement throughout the IPO process. Management teams are well-advised to seek professional expertise early to avoid missteps and save time, effort, and cost.

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Older & Wiser: The Evolution of 409A

As startups stay private for longer periods of time, their common stock valuation (409A) history is likely to be scrutinized if they pursue an IPO.

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SEC to SPACs: Blank-Check Path to IPO, Warrants, Disclosures Have Liability Risk

The SEC has been clear. They will continue to keep a close watch on SPAC filings and disclosures and their private targets.

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Does My Early-Stage Company Need a Third-Party Valuation?

If your company is on a trajectory towards success, now is the time for a valuation consultation about the required analysis and support to take risk off the table.

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SPAC Shares Are Not Created Equal

How do you value a SPAC? With a surge in SPAC IPOs, SPAC valuations should not be given equal consideration.

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