Akshay Arora

Mr. Arora specializes in the valuation of stock compensation, options, derivatives, and complex securities. Along with providing valuation services, Akshay Arora also has extensive experience…

Oleg Pesterev

Mr. Pesterev specializes in valuing complex securities including options, warrants, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, debt, contingent considerations, and commodity instruments for financial reporting and tax…

Magdalena Keller

Ms. Keller specializes in the valuation of illiquid securities, including privately-held equity securities, fixed income securities, various derivatives and structured products, for hedge funds, private…

Huan Shu

Ms. Shu specializes in complex securities valuation for financial reporting and tax purposes. She has extensive valuation expertise in complex financial instruments, including 409A valuation,…

Why VRC for Portfolio Valuation?

Learn why eminent private fund managers and their boards rely on our team.

Tom Gottfried

Mr. Gottfried specializes in business enterprise, credit/debt instruments, equity, intangible asset and portfolio valuations. He has over 15 years of experience in planning, facilitating and…

Birnbaum, Walling on Valuing Private Energy Debt and Equity in Private Funds CFO

As seen in the newest issue of Private Funds CFO, Jeff Birnbaum and Chris Walling discuss the implications of the pandemic for the sector.

Private Credit Market Update

Private asset valuations snapped back in Q2 as the economy began to reopen, and private capital investors took concrete steps to shore up portfolio companies.

Industry Index Discounted Spreads in Valuations

Considering the virus’ material impact on specific industries, we’ve seen a greater emphasis on secondary industry-specific loan indexes when controlling for credit risk.

Private Credit Managers Grapple with Growing Pains

As private credit manager valuation leaders scrutinize how to optimize their internal teams, they also are leveraging technology tools and third-party service providers—both domestic and offshore—to meet the demands of scale.