Goodwill: What’s Really Happening & What Comes Next

By: PJ Patel

Even in today’s volatile economy, M&A continues to play an important role in corporate strategies. As a result, goodwill and other intangible assets continue to grow on the balance sheet — and factoring those assets into your financial analysis is as challenging as ever.  PJ Patel – VRC, Pranav Ghai – Calbench, Sandy Peters – CFA Institute, and Scott Taub – Financial Reporting Advisors discuss why and how goodwill matters.

Topics addressed include:

  • How goodwill and other intangible assets keep rising as a portion of all a company’s assets;
  • How to examine those assets to better understand a company’s value;
  • The risks around impairment, and how sniff out warning signs;
  • What’s next on regulators’ wish list for better financial reporting and disclosure.