The foundation of relationships with legal professionals and their clients is built on trust, integrity and confidentiality. The same – and more – can be said for relationships between legal professionals and independent valuation professionals. The consequences of working with a valuation partner that does not fully grasp this concept are simply far too great to risk.

VRC is proud to acknowledge the long-standing relationships we hold with attorneys, law firms and their clients. We have built a reputation as a trusted advisor because our technical work in valuations and fairness and solvency opinions is above reproach. Our client service model and relationships with both our partners and their clients ensure that VRC delivers the highest level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.

Our professionals are long-tenured and well-credentialed. They have managed client engagements that may often include legal counsel involvement for owners of closely held companies, private company executives and their reporting teams, company ESOPs and trustees, boards of directors for large private, public and multinational firms, hedge funds, BDCs, private equity and venture capital firms. We offer considerable experience providing dispute and litigation support. Our professionals have testified as an expert witness in various circuit and federal courts where the valuation of assets was at issue.

We are well-poised to present our valuation analyses to legal professionals and their clients, which makes an unbiased and defensible determination of fair value extremely important. The fact is, when it comes to delivering valuations, our reputation for independence and ethics has kept us in business since 1975. Our name and long-term reputation are too critical to risk by rendering biased opinions.