The continued globalization of business along with M&A as a core growth strategy for many public and private global companies drives an undeniable need for independent valuations delivered by a firm offering local experts and global reach. It is critical that companies with international operations select a partner that can provide a single point of contact to manage international engagements that are then executed by a local professional who has intimate knowledge of the local economy, political environment, language, and culture as well as legal requirements and accounting guidelines.

As the founding member of Valuation Research Group (VRG), VRC offers deep knowledge and experience in valuations and value-related services for global businesses of all sizes in nearly every industry. We provide valuations to support the financial requirements outlined in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Since not every country that has adopted IFRS has adopted each new standard, there are intricacies to each country’s reporting requirements. Our professionals, based in respective countries and working with many of the world’s leading multinationals, have the knowledge and experience to assist with each country’s variation of IFRS.

VRC also commonly supports multinational tax reporting needs. Frequently, this involves the valuation of non-U.S. legal entities including foreign holdco’s, IP holdco’s and operating entities in support of tax restructuring. We also value intellectual property for transfer from tax jurisdiction to another. Our international affiliate team, which numbers over 1,200 professionals, have offices located throughout continental Europe, the U.K., Australia, Asia, and North and South America. Our depth of experience, connectivity and impressive client roster is a powerful combination that best serves each client.


Global Company Services