Best Practices for Private Fund Sponsors

As the demand for transparency rises for private investment funds, the spotlight is on valuation practices, which is essential for any fund manager to understand.

Q1 2021: Middle Market Credit Spreads and Required Returns

How are market participants reacting to positive vaccination rates, economic optimism, company prospects and floating rate security demand?

Alex Clark

Mr. Clark specializes in valuations of portfolios of privately-held securities primarily for financial reporting purposes. Prior to VRC, he held positions at KPMG, Marcum LLP,…

Birnbaum, Walling on Valuing Private Energy Debt and Equity in Private Funds CFO

As seen in the newest issue of Private Funds CFO, Jeff Birnbaum and Chris Walling discuss the implications of the pandemic for the sector.

Q4 2020 Economic Snapshots

High-level visual summaries of leading economic and financial indicators in major economic markets.

Sandra Daza

Sandra Daza is currently a member of the Valuation Research Group Executive Committee and Managing Director of VRG Spain (Gesvalt), a position she has held…

Subu Parmeswaran

Mr. Parmeswaran is part of portfolio valuation practice. He specializes in the valuation of complex securities. Prior to VRC, he was a director at CBIZ…

Middle Market Credit Spreads and Required Returns

In Q4 2020, market participants noted improving comfort with company and industry fundamentals, outlooks, and the ability to weather a second wave of the virus.

Matthew Perilli

Mr. Perilli is a part of the portfolio valuation group specializing in valuations of privately-held debt securities, equity securities, and business enterprises for tax and…

Andrew Miller

Mr. Miller is a member of the portfolio valuation group specializing in valuations of illiquid securities throughout the capital structure (both debt and equity) for…