Anthony Pumphrey

Mr. Pumphrey specializes in business enterprise valuations, purchase price allocations, impairment analyses, and the valuation of claims within complex capital structures for public and private…

Chad Myers

Chad Myers specializes in financial valuation and consulting assignments. His experience includes valuations for purchase price allocation, estate tax planning, limited partnership interests, financing purposes,…

Chris Mellen

Mr. Mellen has over 30 years of experience across a wide range of industries providing valuation services in support of tax planning and compliance, strategic…

Francis Mainville

Mr. Mainville specializes in the valuation of complex securities such as options, warrants, preferred and common stock in privately-held companies, management incentive plans (including those…

Glen Hartford

Mr. Hartford specializes in machinery and equipment valuations of major proportion and complexity throughout the United States and abroad. With more than 30 years in…

Gift & Estate

Gift & estate tax-related services include valuations for business enterprises, capital stock, stock, tangible and intangible assets

Exit & Succession Planning

Valuations are key to assisting business owners who are ready to transition their business

Charitable Contributions

A qualified appraisal is required by the IRS for donations of assets including tangible, intangible and stock


A leading commercial agribusiness client in Argentina was interested in selling their company, which was focused on cultivating and producing olive oil, table olives and wines.

Can Your Business Have a Range of Value?

Did you realize that your business has multiple values at the same time?