Ryan MacLean

Mr. MacLean is a part of the portfolio valuation group specializing in valuations of privately-held debt securities, equity securities, CLO equity securities, and business enterprises…

Anthony Law

Mr. Law specializes in the valuation of business enterprises, stock options, derivative securities, and intangible assets as well as fairness and solvency opinions for corporate…

Jason DeFazio

Jason DeFazio is a part of the portfolio valuation group specializing in valuations of privately-held illiquid securities throughout the capital structure (both debt and equity…

Complex Securities

Valuations for complex instruments such as options, warrants, convertible bonds, contingent consideration, preferred & common stock


An industrial property consisting of various manufacturing machinery & equipment was a candidate for an ad valorem tax reduction.

Amir Alerasoul

Mr. Alerasoul specializes in the valuation of stock compensation, options, derivatives and complex securities. Prior to joining VRC, Mr. Alerasoul held the position of valuation…


In order to comply with Accounting Standards Codification 815 (ASC 815), an early stage pharmaceutical company asked VRC to analyze the entire convertible callable note and determine the fair market value of each of the embedded derivatives.

Five Misperceptions: Credit Valuation Adjustments in Swap Valuations

An overview for corporate accounting professionals of Credit Valuation Adjustments and five common misperceptions about them.


A private equity sponsored cloud based provider of manager content, enterprise lending services granted certain management incentive units to participating executives, as compensation to incentivize management performance.

All in the Family (Office): Valuation Needs for Direct Private Equity Investments

Family offices making private equity investments need to be aware of valuation issues related investments in complex structures.