VRC to Present to Golden Angels Investors Group

Bryan Browning, Managing Director and Paul Hultgren, Vice President of Business Development for Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), a leading provider of independent valuation support, will present to the Golden Angels Investor group on Friday, March 9 at Godfrey & Kahn in Milwaukee. John McDonald, Shareholder of Godfrey & Kahn and Tim Keane, Director of Golden Angels Investors will also present with Browning and Hultgren.

The presentation, “Lessons Learned in Early Stage Investing: Coming to Agreement on Terms,” will focus on the concept of investing and valuation and will cover:

  • Alignment of goals for entrepreneurs and investors
  • The meaning of commonly used terms including: cap table, equity split, and seed rounds
  • Valuation methods
  • Equity and debt vehicles

This event is only open to the Golden Angels Investors group members.