VRC Announces the Retirement of Mark Brattebo

New York (November 12, 2020) Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), a leading global provider of independent valuation support and advisory services, announced that Mark Brattebo, Senior Managing Director, is retiring. Brattebo, who served on the Board of Directors, retires on November 15th. He joined VRC in 1980 as a staff appraiser. He assumed the senior vice president’s role in 1993 before being named co-CEO and senior managing director in 2000, which he held through 2013. He specialized in valuations of business enterprises and ownership interests therein and illiquid securities held by investment companies.

Members of the Board of Directors came together to express their gratitude for his 40 years with VRC.

“Mark Brattebo’s dedication to providing superior valuation services to our clients is second-to-none,” said William Hughes, Senior Managing Director. “While serving alongside him as co-CEO, I witnessed his strong corporate leadership skills, his commitment to the career development of VRC professionals, and his passion for always exceeding client expectations.”

“Mark’s valuation expertise and his commitment to our colleagues and clients were the foundation of his leadership at VRC,” said PJ Patel, co-CEO. “He is the consummate principled valuation professional, and I consider him my mentor, ally, and friend. He modeled a strong, hard work ethic that created a safe and vibrant environment to foster professional development. I consider myself fortunate to stand among a large group of VRC professionals inspired by Mark’s guidance. Through his tireless effort and dedication, Mark was hugely influential in creating our culture and putting us on the path to where we sit today.”

“He led by example, worked tirelessly and set the gold standard in customer service for the entire organization,” said Neil Kelly, the former Chairman of the Board of VRC. “Through Mark’s efforts, the small family business he joined 40 years ago became a leader in the valuation advisory industry.”

Chairman of the Board John Czapla followed, saying, “Mark is a well-respected mentor to many up-and-coming VRC leaders, myself included. His watermark is the culture he fostered, emphasizing a take-ownership, do-what-it takes, entrepreneurial spirit that continues to be a hallmark of our firm. This cultural evolution bolstered VRC’s reputation for quality work, thought leadership, and led to our top line’s continual growth. His dedication and wisdom will be missed.”

Senior Managing Director Larry Van Kirk reflected, “Mark made my transition to VRC effortless, and his leadership, a driver of the firm’s success, was a source of inspiration and motivation. His unwavering principles, fair decision-making approach, technical and management direction maintained a clear vision for our organization’s success.”

“Mark is one of the most honorable people I’ve worked with; he’s upheld every commitment he’s ever made,” noted Jamie Truog, VRC’s Chief Financial Officer. “He was at the core of developing the culture of the firm – doing what is best for our clients and the firm – that our clients and employees benefit from today. I’ve had the pleasure of working for and learning from Mark for over 13 years; his influential leadership and example has set a foundation that will continue to grow what he was instrumental in building.”

“With decades of dedication to the valuation world Mark knows the industry inside and out,” said Justin Johnson, co-CEO. “His expertise was invaluable to the VRC team, and he will be greatly missed.”

Brattebo holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Wisconsin and completed Stanford Business School’s Financial Management Program. He holds the designation of chartered financial analyst (CFA) and is a certified public accountant (CPA).

About VRC

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