VRC Announces Officer Appointments

The board of directors of Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), a leading global provider of independent valuation support and advisory services, today announced several officer appointments.

  • Promotion to Managing Director include:
  • Promotions to Senior Vice President include:
  • Promotions to Vice President include:
    • Charles Costa, based in VRC’s Boston office
    • Nathan Emanuel, based in VRC’s Milwaukee office
    • Dean Hoxholli, based in VRC’s Princeton office
    • Jason Levine, based in VRC’s Princeton office
    • Charles Paraboschi, based in VRC’s Princeton office
    • Sean Woodward, based in VRC’s Princeton office

VRC’s board stated, “These employees have made important contributions to our success and demonstrated outstanding commitment to their responsibilities and to the clients they serve. We are pleased to recognize their accomplishments as they continue to advance as part of our professional team.”