VRC Honored Twice at the Corporate America 2016 Finance Awards

The awards recognize firms operating and working in a wide range of sectors, including corporate finance, accountancy and financial management.

VRC Named Best Valuation Service by Alt Credit Intelligence

“Our portfolio valuation teams provide independent valuation of illiquid and hard to value assets – especially for credit funds and BDCs.”

VRC Receives Valuation Award from Corporate LiveWire

“We are excited to receive this recognition from Corporate LiveWire, especially as the awards recognize companies worldwide.”

VRC Recognized in Two Categories at the 2016 Acquisitions International Hedge Funds Awards

“We are particularly proud to be recognized for our work valuing tangible and intangible assets, an area of strength among the many valuation services we provide to hedge funds.”

VRC Named 2016 Valuation Firm of the Year in Turnaround Awards

“This honor, for the many mid-market and multi-billion dollar transactions we support annually, is a wonderful recognition of our quality deal support.”

VRC Named Independent US Valuation Firm of the Year by Wealth & Finance International

“This is an exceptional recognition of our quality team.”

VRC Named Best for Business Valuations by Wealth & Finance International

“This honor is a wonderful recognition of our experienced team and the quality of our valuation services.”