Understanding Convertible Debt Valuation

At a time of generally low interest rates, convertible notes are alternatives to straight debt securities.

Valuation Best Practices: Aligning Book & Tax After Acquisition

Recently, Leadership Roundtables, moderated by Valuation Research Corporation’s co-CEO, PJ Patel, kicked off in cities across the country.

Techniques for Valuing Carried Interest

In receiving value only if a threshold is met, carried interests have an asymmetric payoff similar to a stock option.

New Rules Announced for Corporate Inversions

Inversions have been scrutinized heavily for the past year, yet companies continue to pursue mergers or acquisitions resulting in an inversion.

Accounting’s 21st Century Challenge: How to Value Intangible Assets

How do you attach a price tag to something you can’t see or touch?

Landmark Decisions: The Valuation Process for Long-lived Assets Learned From the Panama Canal

In 2014, the Panama Canal Authority embarked on a project to obtain a valuation for the locks, dams, power plants, and other structures of the Panama Canal for insurance purposes.

Westlaw Journal, Delaware Corporate: Weak vs. Strong Fairness Opinions

How do board members know they have received a strong fairness opinion? What factors should apply when assessing the opinion’s strength?

PE Q&A: VRC Talks Trends in Valuation and What to Expect in 2016

VRC professionals contribute to Pitchbook’s 2016 Crystal Ball Report.

Accounting Today: Understanding and Valuing S Corporations

After some key court decisions, the process for valuing S Corps has changed.

Why Private Companies Should Look Into Valuations

Why should a private company board consider a valuation of the company?