Pre-Acquisition Valuation: Intangible Assets and Contingent Consideration

In several instances, the knowledge gained from valuation support in the due diligence phase results in modifications or cancellations of transactions.

M&E Assets: Determining the loss of asset value from functional obsolescence

Determining the fair value of M&E assets for financial reporting purposes should include the consideration of three forms of depreciation: physical, economic and functional.

The ABCs of BDCs: Private Debt and SEC Concerns

Business development companies, or BDCs, represent a growing class of relatively large, closed-end, SEC-registered funds.

Common Valuation Issues With Illiquid Securities

Nuanced securities typically contain options and market conditions that alter cash flows over the life of the security and raise valuation challenges.

Functional Obsolescence: Loss of Asset Value Caused By Inefficiency or Inadequacies

A prudent investor will either implicitly or explicitly consider FO in the determination of a purchase price for the entire business.

Valuation Concerns Pertaining to Assets in Franchise Restaurant Transactions

Restaurants continue to be attractive targets for financial sponsors and strategic acquirers

Understanding the Valuation of Profits Interests in Private Equity Transactions

To value profits interests, the economics of the equity capital must be clearly incorporated into the valuation.

AICPA Issues Accounting and Valuation Guide for IPR&D

The Guide discusses the application of various valuation techniques appropriate for IPR&D.

FASB Endorses PCC’s Accounting Alternatives for Private Companies

Amid controversy, the FASB endorsed the first two accounting alternatives approved by its Private Company Council (PCC).

Market Participant Acquisition Premiums

When valuing a business, determining the control premium is a significant, and often controversial, issue.