Continuation Funds: Valuation and Fairness Opinion Considerations

A review of the continuation fund market and a growing consensus that fairness opinions are necessary best practice for the health of the market. Plus, the SEC may be requiring them soon.

Estate Planning Valuation Considerations for Privately Held Businesses Preparing for Sale

Business owners preparing for a sale but still needing to execute their estate plan may see beneficial opportunities in using a common estate planning tool.

Pay vs. Performance Disclosure Requirements: Expected term of option grants, simple or not?

Addressing the challenge of developing and supporting the expected term used in the Black-Sholes Option Pricing Model to determine fair value of grants to PEOs and NEOs.

The Venture Capital Cycle

Analyzing past market patterns can signal the issues private market and venture capital investors may anticipate in the cycles ahead.

Private Loans Find Their Level During LIBOR’s Last Hurrah

In what may be seen as a barometer, lenders still incorporating CSAs are squeezing all the juice they can out of their deals by pushing for ARRC’s recommended spread.

4Q 2022 Update: Middle Market Credit Spreads, Required Returns

In the fourth quarter of 2022, prices increased quarter-over-quarter considering an improved market tone, and resulting in tighter syndicated secondary credit spreads versus Q3 levels.

Valuation and Deal Outlook

In the year ahead, we expect dealmakers will not keep M&A on the sidelines as they continue shaping transformative deals, long-term success, and positioning to thrive in a rapidly changing, competitive market space.

SEC Requires Pay-Versus-Performance Fair Value Disclosures

Public company filer disclosures must provide added color on the full scope of executive compensation packages, changes in fair value of equity awards issued principal and named executive officers.

3Q 2022 Update: Middle Market Credit Spreads, Required Returns

Sustained Sell-Off in More Liquid Markets Since 2021 Continues to Impact Direct Lending Markets in 3Q 2022

Evaluating Private Company Lease Accounting Options Under ASC 842

The holiday is nearly over for many private companies with significant right-of-use assets meaning companies will need to adopt ASC 842 effective Jan. 1, 2022, in preparation for their first calendar year-end reporting date.