Sandra Daza Named Female Real Estate Professional of the Year

Accolades for our VRG International Valuation Partner, Gesvalt

Sandra Daza, VRG-Gesvalt

Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), a leading provider of independent valuation services, and its group of international affiliates Valuation Research Group (VRG), is pleased to announce Sandra Daza, Managing Director of VRG partner Gesvalt, was recognized as Real Estate Professional of the Year by SIMA (Salón Inmobilario Internacional Madrid), an international Real Estate Exhibition firm in Madrid.

The 16th annual ASPRIMA-SIMA Awards recognize the most innovative and influential initiatives and individuals of Spain’s real estate industry. More than 71 applicants from over 50 firms were judged in five categories, plus special awards, by a panel of independent real estate. Categories include Best Residential Development Project, Best Non-residential Development Project, Best Energy Efficient Real Estate Development, Best Marketing Campaign for Real Estate Product or Service, Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and special awards, the category in which Ms. Daza was recognized.

“We are delighted for the recognition of Sandra’s talent and achievements among the increasingly competitive and high-achieving Spanish real estate industry,” said Bill Hughes, senior managing director of VRC. “This honor is hard-earned recognition of her commitment to professionalism and innovation.”

Daza was recognized as Female Real Estate Professional of the Year at an award ceremony on May 30 at the International Real Estate Exhibition in Madrid.

Sandra Daza is currently Managing Director of Gesvalt, a position she has held since 2015. She has also been a Member of the Management Board of WIRES. She is an Independent Board Member of Áurea Homes, as well as a member of the Executive Committee of Vitruvio (Spanish REIT) and IE Real Estate Club. She is a regular speaker at the Spanish Conference held at MIPIM, international real estate investment fair that takes place annually in Cannes. Likewise, she also participates in the international real estate fair ExpoReal, in Munich. She has also participated as speaker and moderator in conferences for investors and International Banks in Madrid, Frankfurt, Lisbon and London.