Podcast: Navigating Intangible Asset Valuation

By: PJ Patel

On the latest episode of M&A Science Podcast, PJ Patel, co-CEO and senior managing director, discusses navigating intangible asset valuation in the current M&A climate while recognizing and avoiding common valuation mistakes.

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More Perspectives: Business Combinations

Transaction-Related Valuation Issues

Now more than ever, companies need to get to the right values that will meet the needs of all deal stakeholders and will stand up to audit and regulatory scrutiny.

Long-Lived Intangible Assets

Long-lived intangible assets are recognized separately from goodwill in a business combination under Accounting Standards Codification 805 (ASC 805) if they meet either the separability or the contractual-legal criterion.

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Podcast: The Ongoing Evolution of Goodwill Accounting

With FASB reviewing the standards for goodwill, PJ Patel, co-CEO and senior managing director, dives into the evolving complexities in the field in this podcast.