Jason Mutarelli Published in Bloomberg Tax

Impairment Barometer: Covid-19 and Goodwill Valuation

By: Jason Mutarelli

Princeton, NJ (October 29, 2020) Jason Mutarelli, CFA, a Senior Vice President in Valuation Research Corporation’s (VRC) Princeton office is published in Bloomberg Tax. In the article, “Impairment Barometer: Covid-19 and Goodwill Valuation,” Mutarelli looks at the impact on the general market and specific industries.

Few businesses have escaped the impact of Covid-19. Mutarelli delivers a deep analysis of how to approach business valuations and impairment testing, including potential goodwill impairment.

Mutarelli opines, “More than likely, Q2 2020 financial evidence will show that many companies will require interim impairment testing, and the effects on accounting and valuation issues may further evolve before coming to a final resolution.”

A copy of the article is available for download here and on the Bloomberg Law website.

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