Czapla, Mainville Featured in Apex|Sanne Group’s Connect September Issue

Venture company lending market maturing, no signs of slowing down

By: John Czapla | Francis Mainville

New York, NY (September 19, 2022) John Czapla, Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board, and Managing Director Frank Mainville, are featured article contributors in the September Issue of Connect, the technical bulletin for fund managers, their intermediaries, and investors from Sanne Group, an Apex Group company. In the article, “Venture Company Lending Market Shows Signs of Maturing, No Signs of Slowing Down,” Czapla and Mainville note that with venture equity capital providers assuming more of a risk-off posture in response to the slowdown in IPOs and SPAC exits, there has been a knock-on effect for VC lenders. “VC lenders have been able to negotiate more favorable loan terms after a period when the borrowers appeared to have the upper hand,” the pair say.

The authors focus on the existing venture debt landscape, pointing out the explosive growth of the U.S. market — having growing significantly in the last 10 years from $4.4 billion in total deal value in 2010 to about $33 billion in the last year. They continue with an overview of venture loan features and terms, investor demand, and valuation considerations.

We welcome you to read the full article featured HERE on pages 4 – 7 of the digital edition.

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