Chris Krapfl on Company Value Drivers in Business Observer

With the acquisitions market heating up, the right valuation for a business should be at the top of an entrepreneur’s to-do list

By: Christopher Krapfl

Tampa, FL (August 24, 2021) Chris Krapfl, Senior Vice President based in VRC’s Tampa office, is featured in the August 19 issue of Business Observer. In the article, “A valuation inventory is must-do — no matter the exit strategy timing,” he discusses the importance of a business owner identifying and understanding what drives value.

Valuation is a determination of future business expectations. To accurately determine those expectations, it’s critically important for a business owner to identify and understand what drives value. What factors increase cash flows and reduce risk? Krapfl discusses seven factors, which apply to most businesses, that are essential to increasing cash flows and reducing risk — thereby enhancing overall company value.

The full article can be accessed here.