Browning, Mellen Published in On Balance Magazine

Top 10 Drivers to Enhance Company Value

By: Chris Mellen

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VRC managing directors, Chris Mellen and Bryan Browning, are featured in the November/December 2017 issue of On Balance magazine, titled “Top 10 Drivers to Enhance Company Value”. On Balance is a publication of the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs.

In the article, Mellen and Browning acknowledge the continuing robustness of M&A market activity and note that now is an ideal time for private company owners to focus on factors that will improve business value in the event they face an ideal sale opportunity. Mellen advises, “Monitoring value is something that should be done in any economic environment, but the urgency to do so is greater when an economic upswing is several years old.” The piece discusses 10 universal factors they consider essential to increasing cash flows, reducing risk and enhancing overall company value.

The complete article is available here; a full copy of the magazine can also be viewed on the Wisconsin CPA website.