The State of Goodwill & Impairments

By: PJ Patel

PJ Patel, Co-CEO and Pranav Ghai, co-Founder and CEO of Calcbench, discuss corporate goodwill, goodwill impairment, and financial analysis techniques that analysts can use to assess the value of goodwill assets on the corporate balance sheet.

Moderated by Matt Kelly, CEO, Radical Compliance.

More Perspectives: Goodwill Impairment

The Data Behind the Video

Download the detailed presentation, which includes the latest graphics, statistics, and purchase price allocation examples on goodwill, courtesy of Calcbench.

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First, Do No Harm

Opinion: The FASB is soliciting feedback on whether and how to further simplify the accounting for goodwill and intangible assets for public companies. This may be setting off down a harmful course of accounting treatment.

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Tracking Performance of Past Acquisitions

Courtesy of Calcbench, get their report that provides examples of how to track performance of past acquisitions including Intel’s purchase of Mobileye; the merger of Dow and DuPont; and 3M’s purchase of Scott Safety.

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