Chris Mellen to Present at Virtual NACVA Financial Super Conference

Chris Mellen will present two sessions on business valuation at the NACVA Financial Super Conference.

VRC’s Chad Rucker to Chair Practising Law Institute (PLI) Program

Financial statements provide key information on the financial performance of companies and are the language of business. Join Chad Rucker, esteemed faculty member of the PLI, as he chairs this session.

COVID-19 & Portfolio Securities Valuation

A Q2 2020 update on credit spreads and required returns.

Valuation Considerations Relating to Section 382 Limitations

Sweeping changes to the utilization of NOLs have occurred as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security Act (CARES Act) in 2020.

Learn the Language of Earnouts

Learn how to fulfill your obligation to communicate earnout values to company management, your board of directors, and auditors.

Industry Index Discounted Spreads in Valuations

Considering the virus’ material impact on specific industries, we’ve seen a greater emphasis on secondary industry-specific loan indexes when controlling for credit risk.

A 50-Year Vintage: Great for wines, but not valuation (Opinion)

A prudent recap and opinion on the proposed steps the SEC is taking toward modernizing fund valuation guidance.

COVID-19: Event Timeline (Updated June 2020)

VRC continues to identify potential triggering events of the health and financial crisis as we help clients with financial reporting in our preparation of valuations.

Industry Update: Business Services

Read about VRC’s latest Industry Update on Business Services. Learn about relevant market data, trends in EBITDA multiples, notable deals and more.

Peter Morrison Retires from VRC

Peter is the kind of senior valuation professional who makes VRC successful given his specialized knowledge and years of experience.