Tax Compliance and Planning

Short Description: 
Valuations and value-related services are often critical to the process of complying with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) requirements.
We provide preliminary valuations to identify possible opportunities for tax reduction and to estimate the range of potential savings.
The fair market value election under Sec. 1.861-9T(g) can result in a more favorable interest expense allocation if, for example, there are U.S. assets with low tax bases but high fair market values.
Our valuation analyses can provide the basis for the cost segregation exercise and resulting acceleration of depreciation deductions.
Our valuation analyses establish the stepped-up inside basis of the assets to provide the starting point for the U.S. tax earnings and profits calculation.
Our gift and estate tax-related services include business enterprise valuations, capital stock valuations, tangible-asset valuations, and intangible-asset valuations.
Our valuations analyses can support both the tax-free treatment and proper tracing of tax attributes of the parties to the reorganization.
Our professionals provide valuation services for such special projects as thin capitalization, check-the-box elections, and worthless stock deductions.
Situations where valuations can result in tax accounting differences include asset impairment, stock acquisitions, goodwill impairment, and derivatives.
Our services for transfer pricing include preparation of documentation for penalty protection, economic analysis for advanced pricing agreements (APA), and tax controversy support.